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EarTrain is a perfect pitch training app for musicians and music enthusiasts. It is designed with a simple, intuitive interface to get rid of distractions and let you focus on what really matters: practicing your perfect pitch.

How to use it
Practicing absolute pitch can be difficult because it requires extensive testing. Normally people who practice perfect pitch, test themselves on an instrument. This can be tricky because one knows which note one strikes.

EarTrain is your personal assistant randomly playing the notes for you, so you can concentrate on the sound without any visual aid.



There are three different modes you can do in EarTrain, depending on your wishes and your needs.

Training is the basic mode of EarTrain we all know and love! Simply select the notes you'd like to practice. EarTrain plays them for you, one at a time, while right and wrong notes are displayed on the keyboard each time you give an answer. This way you train your ear in the most productive way.

Once you've mastered a few notes, you can test yourself by taking a Custom Test. Just like Training, Custom Test let's you select the notes you'd like to practice, but this time right and wrong notes are not displayed on the keyboard so there's no relative pitch to help you! But don't worry, a full report is given at the end of each test.

Progression allows you to "climb up" levels (you can read more about the concept behind Progression mode here) by taking one of our premade tests that progressively become harder and harder. Experience is given for right answers but is deduced for wrong ones. You have been warned!


EarTrain was designed to be as simple as it can get, however, if this your first time using the app, here is the right place to get started! :)

When launching EarTrain you are first asked to choose the mode you'd like to practice. Simply swipe left or right to choose a mode from the menu and you are ready to get started. You can change the mode anytime by clicking the app icon on the top-left of the screen.

Training: To begin, you must select the notes you'd like to practice. To do so, press the notes symbols above the keyboard. Selected notes turn white. Then press the play button at the bottom-right of the screen. Ear Train plays the selected notes for you, one at a time.

Right notes turn green, while wrong ones turn red. Aim for the green ones. :)

Test: Test mode is basically a ... custom test! Just like train mode, first you choose the notes you'd like to practice. But this time you need to answer a full set of questions without knowing the right and wrong notes. This way there is no relative pitch to help you, and you really TEST yourself whether you have mastered specific notes or not.

At the end of each test a full report is given. You can press the play button to redo the same test. To take a different test where you can change the selected notes, you need to dismiss the statistics screen by pressing the statistics icon.

Progression: Progression allows you to "climb up" levels by taking one of our premade tests that progressively become harder amd harder. This time you don't get to choose the notes you'd like to practice, each test lests you practice carefully selected notes. (You can read more about the research behind the algorithm of prograssion mode here: link) Experience is given for right answers but it is deduced for wrong ones. When an experience threshold is met, you move to the next level

At the end of each test, a full report is given as well. Also, you can view the statistics any time by pressing the statistics icon at the bottom-left of the screen.


  1. Is Ear Train free?
  2. Training Mode is totally free, you can use it indefinitely. Test Mode and Progression Mode allow you to take two tests per day. This way, you can unlock all the features only if you are truly satisfied!

  3. Are there any tutorials I can watch?
  4. Ear Train was designed with a super simple interface, however you can check out our blog where we shall post example videos from time to time.

  5. EarTrain doesn't seem to work in portrait mode.
  6. EarTrain's design goals were to be an immersive and intuitive experience, so we opted for a full-screen experience that let's you focus on training your absolute pitch. Due to the orientation of the piano keyboard a landscape presentation was deemed better.

  7. I cannot seem to dismiss the statistics screen.
  8. In order to dismiss the statistics screen you should press again the statistics button.

  9. I cannot hear the notes.
  10. Please make sure that at least one note is selected for testing. Then, please check that the mute switch is off, the volume is up and speaker is fine. If you still cannot hear anything, please contact us.

  11. I did the tutorial in a hurry, how can I launch it again?
  12. You can launch the tutorial anytime at Settings -> Help -> Tutorial.

  13. I am baffled by the statistics screen.
  14. The statistics screen shows your % accuracy of each individual note, as well as the total accuracy.

  15. How to reset statistics.
  16. You can reset statistics anytime at Settings -> Configuration -> Reset statistics.

  17. How to export statistics.
  18. In order to export statistics, you should go to Setting->Configuration
    ->Export Statistics. You can use the exported file to easily import your statistics in a spreadsheet program.

  19. I encountered a bug/crash/any other problem.
  20. Please get in touch by email or send us a tweet and we will respond promtly.

  21. Why doesn't EarTrain have [this feature]?
  22. EarTrain was designed for a very specific reason: To help those who would like to develop perfect pitch. However, we will be expanding our app in the near feature, so that it will include many more interesting features! If you have a suggestion, we will be very happy to hear from you!


For support please send us an email, or you can follow us on twitter for updates.

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